Al-shabaab spokesman to Kenya ” war means the high rise buildings that you boast of crash to the ground”

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In a press conference held in Nairobi 16th October by internal security minister Prof George Saitoti and his counterpart defence minister Yusuf Mohammed Haji , declared Kenya’s intention to mount an incursion in to Somalia , to setup a buffer zone between it and the Harakat Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen Islamist militia which controls the majority of central and south Somalia, and to also pursue kidnappers that Kenya asserts as having been sent by Islamist group.

Kenya blames the high profile kidnappings last of which two Spanish aid staff working for MSF on the Islamist group, but Al-shabaab on its part vehemently denied any involvement in any cross border kidnappings.

Al-shabaab spokesman Sheikh ‘ali Mahamoud Raage (AKA Sheikh ‘ali Dhere) held a press conference on the 17th October in response to Kenyan allegations and its decision to invade Somali territory.

Sheikh ‘ali dhere on his part, blamed the kidnappings on Kenya itself, due to its training and support of militias loyal to Azania/Jubaland administration allied to the transitional federal government (TFG) of Somalia holed up in Mogadishu.

Unlike Al-shabaab forces, militias under direct and indirect control of the TFG, have long been known to be an undisciplined force, due to the high levels of corruption in the TFG civil and military structures, which meant many soldiers went unpaid, leading to desertions and sale of weapons and munitions to Al-shabaab. On the border with Kenya many of those who deserted the Azania militia engaged in in highway robbery and wide spread cases of rape against drought/famine refugees are blamed on them.

“ask Museveni and Uganda what he brought upon his people. The calamity that struck them on the 11th of July last year which was a legal and just response to destruction inflicted upon our territories” said Al-shabaab’s spokesman in the press conference, in a direct threat that the group will carry out Al-Qaeda style attacks on Nairobi, if Kenya does not pull out its troops out of Somalia.

Below is the transcription of the press conference held by HSM chief spokesman Sheikh ‘ali mahamud raage.



“All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and surely the victory (at the end) is for those who are pious and there is no enmity except to those who oppress. and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon on our prophet Mohammed and all his family and companions.

Allah be exalted says: “Surely Allah defends those who believe. Certainly Allah has no love for the perfidious, the thankless.” (Quran 22:38).

God willing, this press conference will deal with (ongoing) animosity and aggression of late by the Christian state of Kenya, upon the Juba and Gedo Islamic Wilaya’s (provinces).

This hostility, which went on for period of time now, with aim of ending the practice of Sharia law in those (aforementioned) Islamic provinces, has entered a new phase.

The Somali Muslim nation is aware of recent battles in the border areas between Jubba and Gedo provinces on side and the territory forcibly occupied by the state Kenya, those battles went through many different stages.

It began with the Christian state of Kenya training many (Somali) militias inside its territory, eventually deploying them to the border area to mount incursions into the Islamic provinces of Juba’s and Gedo.

consequently when the Mujahideen confronted them, delivering memorable slap to the face of the apostate militias, Kenya could not retrain itself ,and deployed  into the Jubba provinces especially, mustering  its military and financial (might) therein.

The Mujahideen forces and the residents of those Islamic provinces responded firmly with stiff resistance to the onslaught against them by the allied enemies, and in all honesty the Mujahideen along with the population who reside in those Islamic provinces, are determined to be the vanguard of the practice and administration of the Islamic Sharia, seeking assistant from Allah, with hope of disappointing the enemy, whose ultimate aim is to return these Islamic provinces back to the days of tyranny and lack of religiousness, and god willing it will never happen.

Bearing in mind all the trouble caused of late by Christian state of Kenya, who’ve actually crossed about 100KM into Somali territory from the border, wreaking havoc upon the Muslim inhabitants, strafing and unleashing artillery bombardment, wiping out their livestock, destroying many homes in Qooqani and taabta for example and others similar to them.

Bearing in mind all of that, we heard in the last couple of days through the media, that the Christian state of Kenya made it crystal clear, that it will take the battle to Harakat Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen, and will engage them everywhere in the Somalia territory notwithstanding it did so previously but covertly.

Thus we; Harakat- Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen say to the state of Kenya, (regarding) this animosity and hostile action that you declared against our territory, did you beforehand contemplate about the consequences (of this declaration)? Are you aware of the outcomes of war?

We frankly tell you, we are better than yourselves at warfare; we are people with experience of combat from time immemorial with many states who transgressed against us before you. We say to them (Kenya), in case you do not know (the meaning of) war, war is (spilling of) blood, war is destruction , war is loss of wealth , war means displacement, (it means) the high rise buildings that you boast of crash to the ground, the destruction of economy, your safety/security transformed to that of fear and terror, the end of tourism industry that you rely on.

We say to them (Kenya), having contemplated about aforementioned, you have (still) chosen to go to war with us? We don’t believe the experts of Kenya wouldn’t respond positively (to this question).

If as you claim, the law of infidel the so called United Nations article 51 (of the UN Charter) allows you to transgress upon our Islamic territories,lives our honor, then in turn, the book of Allah the glorified and the exalted in the Quran allows us, in Surat- Al-Baqarah (chapter 2) to respond to you in like.

Allah be he exalted says “The prohibited month for the prohibited month,- and so for all things prohibited,- there is the law of equality. If then any one transgresses the prohibition against you, Transgress ye likewise against him. But fear God, and know that God is with those who restrain themselves.” (Quran 2:194)

We say to them (Kenya) be aware of your transgressions against our Islamic territories, and look back upon those who came before you who transgressed against us, ask Museveni and Uganda what he brought upon his people. The calamity that struck them on the 11th of July last year which was a legal and just response to destruction inflicted upon our territories. It was us who sidestepped your country and targeted them in their capital Kampala. Isn’t it better for the state of Kenya to carefully assess the steps it takes?

We say to the people of Kenya, to carefully consider the path your leaders take you upon, where it ends and its consequences. Your leaders did not declare war for you benefit, rather for their own interests and those of the west. Once they incite you fight and ignite this war, they will leave you (behind) to look for better life in the west, Europe and America, whilst you wallow in the devastation (of war), you now have a chance, secure yourselves against those bribed men, who want trade with your blood.

What is perplexing is that Kenya used acts of kidnapping and other disturbances as a pretext for their incursion into our territories, and we say there are no such things.

We say to them (in response) before it deployed forces to the border, and brought together scrooges (Azania) into Dhobley, not a single incident however minor took place, all nine incidents that took place that Kenya claims, all took place after it deployed and assembled those scrooges (Azania) into the border area especially in Dhobley.

So only Kenya is cause of this, (as) Harakat Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen forces are not present (in that area) nor do they manage (drought) refugees, nor did they enter into Kenya. We say to them our people will not be deceived by (the justification) that you deceive yours, and you are leading your people in to misery.

Finally To our muslim nation, our family whom we love, those who live under the Sharia of Allah, in all of the Islamic provinces especially those in Jubba and Gedo provinces, we say to them, your Mujahideen sons are resolutely determined to defend your honor and freedom with reliance on Allah Glorified and Exalted be He. In a unified front We shall confront enemy and god willing the will be defeated, because  Allah is on our side but on their side is Satan.

I convey my warm greetings and congratulations to Muslim populace in the Jubba and Gedo provinces as well as their scholars, clan elders, businessmen and we say to them, You are the first line of defense of the Muslims in south, do not allow Islam and muslims to be attacked from your frontier, as Allah promised his believing servants that he will defend them, Allah Allah Glorified and Exalted be He said ““Surely Allah defends those who believe. Certainly Allah has no love for the perfidious, the thankless.” (Quran 22:38).”

The mujahideen who currently face the enemy of Allah Glorified and Exalted be He said in Jubba and Gedo (provinces), we say to them, what Allah mighty and sublime be He  promised the believers when the meet the lines of their enemy and the enemy of Allah mighty and sublime be He “O you who believe! when you meet a party, then be firm, and remember Allah much, that you may be successful.” , “And obey Allah and His Messenger and do not quarrel for then you will be weak in hearts and your power will depart, and be patient; surely Allah is with the patient. .”. (Quran 8:45-8:46). Be patient in battle, “The successful outcome is for the god-fearing,” (Quran 28:8)

Our concluding statement is that  All praise is due to ALLAH, Lord of the universe


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9 thoughts on “Al-shabaab spokesman to Kenya ” war means the high rise buildings that you boast of crash to the ground”

  1. I beg to just put forward a comment. If Harakat Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen is for just course as claimed by HSM chief spokesman Sheikh ‘ali mahamud raage, why do they meet violence, blood letting and destruction on innocent people some of them their fellow muslims with so much unGodly vigour?. Why refuse the international community to give relief supplies to the drought stricken citizens?.

    The current war on Harakat Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen may not have come at a beter time as God himself would like the oppressed to be liberated and Somalia as nation to function ounce again. This will happaen, thanks to the Goverment and the support of people of Kenya.

    God is great!.

  2. It s not the Harakat al-Shabab that has blocked the international relief community, rather its America and the west that has put an embargo on the region… Dont watch news on CNN…

  3. The solution is to Nuke these sub-human sand niggers.
    There after kenya and ethiopia divide the remaining land
    between them

  4. first of all, ALLAH is one, he made all races in the would, different languages & so on. if he is holly to the hollys! then why does the so called holly ones fight their fellow holly ones?? they kill, the shed the blood of the inocent one, they denies the rights of their daughters, yet they call it a holly war. IF ALLAH is the farther of the patient ones, why does HE luck representatives among ourselves here on earth. ok! since he’s our Leader & Lord we must live like HIM, talk like him, act like HIM, be patient like HIM.

    This is an indication that: he who kills his brother intetionaly is not of ALLAH. let’s live like brothers & sis cos theres nothing like holly war in heven or earth. only thugs pretends & take advantage of the weak to kill their sons claiming to fight for what connot help the poor widow in the corner of the town.. the best way to solve this problem is to Quit the war & end let someone’s country grow.

    YOU own no country! no but guns, if we put them down then we’ll live in peace with others..

    • there is nothing like having no holy war. something you do not understand with Islam is that 1. Islam teaches that there are no laws to be respected on earth but only those in the Qur’an; by ALLAH who owns the world. and if any body refuses to abide by peaceful means, then force must be used. and if in that war a Muslim dies, he is a hero in the eyes of God. this is the holly war.
      2. there are hypocrites who claim to be Muslims.they can never accept to lose their lives in this cause ordered by ALLAH. most of us and the TFG Muslims “the moderate” and so called “good Muslims” fall in this category.

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