Al-shabaab release an audio message of the man who carried out yesterday’s truck blast.

Harakat-Al-shabaab-Al-mujahideen (HSM) carried out at former Hides and leather compound near KM4 Junction ,which currently houses several Transitional Federal Government (TFG) ministries, from amongst them the education ministry. Witnesses said they’ve seen truck used in the attack carrying barrels used to store sometimes petrol, which explains the ferocity of the blast.

This attack has been the worst yet since Al-shabaab pulled from Mogadishu warning it will revert to insurgent tactics used in Iraq and Afghanistan, the group also previously warned civilians to stay away from TFG/AMISOM institutions and bases as they a target for the Islamist rebels.

The militant groups’ chosen location for this attack casts serious doubts whether TFG/AMISOM made any advance in securing the city.The attack took place somewhere close AMISOM’s “camp Halane” which HSM targeted almost two years ago with two explosives laden UN marked SUV, in revenge for slain commander killed by US seals Operation, the devastating attack resulted in the death of scores of soldiers including the highest ranking officer to be killed in Somalia.

With HSM fighters pouring out to other regions, One can argue HSM’s tactic move to fighting asymmetrical warfare is already paying off, as only two days ago HSM overran Dhusamareeb provincial capital of central province of Galgadud and strong hold of ASWJ after an offensive approximately 4:30 PM Local time, three days before that the ras-kamboni and TFG forces based in dhobley capital of Kenyan backed “Azania” administration lost control of the town for few hours after HSM’s onslaught.


 release of an audio message

HSM radio station “Al-andalus”  aired an audio of  Bashar Abdullahi Nur who identifies himself as the  driver who detonated the explosives laden truck. I have transcribed the as relevant parts of the almost 15 minute long audio piece.


Bishar: My name is Bishar Abdullahi Nur, and we are going to (slay) the enemy who launched aggression against Islam and (so) they will perish at our hands and send them to hell. Our aim is to re-establish the Khilaafah (caliphate), by uniting the mujahideen to liberate and our holy lands such as Al-Aqsa (Jerusalem) and to liberate (our) occupied countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Interviewer: Ok, you shall fulfil your aim, I ask Allah (swt) to make you successful (in your endeavour), what is your message to fellow Somali Muslims?

Bashar : “first of all, Allah (swt) revealed in the Quran “ Verily, Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their properties; for the price that theirs shall be the Paradise. They fight in Allah’s Cause, so they kill (others) and are killed. ” (9:111), So Allah clarifies that he is purchasing the life he gave us, indeed he has the power to wipe out the Infidels who commit aggression on the world by a calamity, but Since our intention is to defend ourselves, Allah (swt) will test us with difficulties, and our patience (on this path) is to be awarded hopefully with (highest level of paradise) Al-firdaws.

“Allah willing I am addressing fellow Muslim where ever they maybe; we are saying to them the religion of Islam has been assaulted, the infidels are not sparing any effort, the infidels are always hatching planns day and night to erect their cross everywhere, and so we ought to plan how our religion would dominate the whole world. This war will not cease (citing a Quranic verse )“Hence, fight against them until there is no more oppression and all worship is devoted to Allah alone..” (Quran 2:193)


On September 11th 2001 hijackings and subsequent attacks.

Interviewer: Bashar i believe you are going to drive a vehicle, how do you feel about your objective and the location you are targeting?

Bishar: “i am truly feel confident, many men scarified to instigate this Jihad and to defend this Muslim country from invaders, some sacrificed their wealth, some their lives, god willing am sacrificing my life, and am congratulating those brothers who donated this truck for us to use against Allah’s enemy, we pray Allah will accept their deeds and reward them.”

“Secondly i would like to address the Mujahideen, many men came before us (and perished) on this path, this (jihad) is not the first, (for example) the prophet’s companions were before us, also many men we are aware of for instance the 19 men..

Interviewer interjects: mujahideen who carried out the attacks?

Bishar: yes, from amongst those men for instance Mohammed Atta, whom i believe is their Ameer (leader)..

Interviewer interjects: correct, Mohammed Atta the man who was leading that mission.

Bishar: “yes, they were nineteen men who used 4 planes, they were Mujahideen, i ask Allah accept their deed, for their goal was not worldly (gain), their goal was not to be elected into US administration rather it was for people to live in dignity and honour and for Islam to dominate the whole world. Financially to obtain materials , a truck etc.. (This operation) might have been costly, but in comparison I hear the 19th September hijackers were self sufficient, in fact they’ve returned money designated for their use, so (like them) our objective is not financial gain, fame ,nor is it to be labelled courageous, rather our (main) objective is the pleasure of Allah, we call upon Muslims around the world to pray for us, we are God willing your success, and those of you left behind (us) will live in honour and dignity. Our enemy shall dismayed since many secret files are stored at this compound.”


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