The kiddnap of Somalia’s nominee minister for Women & Family Affairs, how and where.

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UPDATE: 27/07/2011 – Prime minister Abdiweli Mohammed Ali gas announces a new minister for  Women and Family Affairs position today.

In an official memorandum circulated today and received by the President , the Prime minister nominated Maryam Aweys Juma– for the Women & family affairs ministry.

In a press release from the Presidential office,accepted the nomination based on the executive power No. 169 dated 26-07-2011 , completing the cabinet at 18 ministers.

Source : TFG Radio –  Radio Mogadishu

What is striking about news on the TFGs mouthpiece- Radio Mogadishu, is that so far it refuses to even acknowledge or speculate on what might have happened to the previous nominee. what this again highlights the artificial nature of this “Civil war”, here is a government incapable of survival on its own, propped up with hundreds of millions of dollars a year ,and some 12,000 hapless AMISOM soldiers far from home, used as cannon fodder to wreak havoc in an already utterly destroyed city.

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Central Shabelle/ Bal’ad: A day after the announcement of names nominated for Somalia’s ministerial cabinet headed by Prime minister Abdiweli Mohammed ali AKA abdiweli Gas, news reports emerged that the nominees for Women & Family Affairs ministry, was “abducted/kidnapped” whilst on her way to the capital by Harakat-Alshabaab Al-mujahideen.

But a report by Amiir nuur media a Somali language site, paints a different picture. The news site in close contact with group said that officials in the movements confirmed the minister nominee is in the custody of Al-shabaabs Hisbah (religious police) force. In fact Asha Osman Aqil according to the Amiirnuur media, handed herself over yesterday morning at the local police station after hearing her name on the radio.

The nominee following her name being announced on the radio, proceeded to the towns police station the next morning where Al-shabaabs Hisbah force are based, where upon she declared that she is “innocent from what she heard radio namely being nominated for the position of  minister Women & Family Affairs”.

Amiirnuur media further states, after Al-shabaab welcomed the lady in question, they in turn communicated to their superiors, with the latter taking the decision of further investigation into the matter. Before  Asha osman Aqil returned to her house in the town,she was assured by Al-shabaab that her safety will not be compromised.

its worth noting also that,  Pro al-shabaab news sites opinion on the matter of nominating a minister working/living in territory controlled by  Al-shabaab is that, the move was a botched attempt to deface the group, by hoping the group will execute the person in question as a spy or a traitor.

So far, Radio Mogadishu in run by the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia didn’t even cover the story,understandably embarrassed in the light of things, but the ultimate question is, for how long will the government remain in denial now that the cabinet was approved by a landslide majority in the parliament.

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