Pictures, Shaykh Hassan dahir aways visits an IDP camp built by Al-shabab administration

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Marka:- Shaykh Dahir aways one of Harakat al-shabaab al-mujahideens top officials, inspected yesterday a new Internally displaced Persons (IDP) camp named Ala Yasir, set up by the Lower shabelle province Islamic administration to tackle growing numbers of people heading to Somali/Kenyan border in search of food and water.

The camp was setup inside the small NO.50 airport, which IGAD in their COMMUNIQUE OF THE 18TH EXTRA-ORDINARY SESSION OF THE IGAD ASSEMBLY OF HEADS OF STATE and GOVERMENT ON SUDAN,SOMALIA AND ERITREA , called upon the UNSC to impose “air exclusion zone such as on Balidogle, N.50 and Cisaley”, further discrediting the view that, Al-shabaab are supplied by air.

At the camp, according to officials, each new family that arrives are supplied initially with enough food to last them 15 days and then resupplied thereon. Whilst building the camp was being prepared, refugees who decided to build their own huts, have being supplied with plastic sheets to stop rain from seeping through.

The camp is periodically inspected by top Al-shabab officials to oversee the relief work, and on this occasion it was visited apart from Shaykh Hassan dahir aways, Shaykh Hassan Mohammed ‘ali, the Province Governor Shaykh Abu Abdullah Abu Mohammed and Engineer Hussein Haji Abdi aka Awgab who is the top official in the local drought relief committee. They inspected services afforded to refugees such as the free Health care where male and female doctors/nurses are available, also the camp is supplied with clean water, and equipped with sanitation and school.

According to Engineer Hussain Haji abdi aka awgab who heads the Lower Shabelle province drought committee, the camp holds 1500 refugees who came from various provinces, and he expects this number to grow significantly over time.

School and clinic

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