Shaykh ‘ali Dheere: “we call upon aid agencies Islamic and none alike to get in contact…”

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Al-shabaab’s chief spokesman Shaykh ‘ali dheree, held a press conference today in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, outlining the movements view of the current inter-clan fighting and the latest emergency relief initiatives to counter the severe droughts.

The Spokesman began with congratulating the previous emergency relief committee headed by Shaykh Suldan Mohammed ala Mohammed (top left pic), whilst at same time announcing a new emergency relief committee  led this time by Shaykh Huseen ‘Ali Fidow (bottom left pic) who is also currently head of Al-shabaabs Policy and provincial communication.

The spokesman warned that only charities “without hidden or subversive  agendas, ought to get in contact with the (newly appointed) official, in order expedite relief service provided by agencies”.

In essence al-shabaab are vetting agencies before they are allowed to work, and at the same time keeping them in check whilst working.

But nevertheless for al-shabaab to this step,goes to show the group realises the humanitarian situation is dire, having said that,if and when aid agencies begin to work in areas held by shabaab,not only its a political coup due tot he fact agencies will recognise at least on ground that they are in charge, but also it will take a lot of weight off the group and will give to fully concentrate on military operations.

Shaykh ‘ali in the press conference also strongly condemned fraternal clans feuding in the central Somalia province of “Galmudug” and called to bring a halt to clashes,whilst at the same time accusing the Ethiopian government of stoking violence to tame otherwise hostile territory for its forces.

Full Audio of the press conference (somali)


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