Pictures:Thousands turn out in Baidoa (baydhabo) to welcome Somali elders

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Sources: (Hiiran Online/Amiirnuur Media)

At about 9:00 this morning local time, thousands of residents in the provincial capital of Bay turned out today, to welcome more than 70  tribal chiefs and elders who completed a month training in Al-shabaab base, located in daynunay 30 Km east of Baidoa. With shops,businesses and schools closed in the morning it’s reported, this is rally is the biggest yet this year.

The Chiefs and elders who all hail from Bay and Bakool provinces, took a stroll in the city’s main roads,before making their to the city’s main roundabout known locally as “afar irdoodka”, where large crowds gathered.

In the speeches delivered at the rally, Chiefs noted,that security in the provinces have seen major improvements since Al-shabaabs take over 3 years and 3 months ago, with constant clan feuds coming to an end.

the chiefs who completed a  month training in daynuunay which included operating weapons and lectures in Islamic theology,vowed to protect the Islamic regime established though out Somali’s southern provinces.

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