CIA Chief to sub-committee on terrorism: Piracy is funding Al-shabaab.

The CIA director Leon Panetta stated to the House of Representatives sub-committee on terrorism, that piracy off the coast of Somalia is possibly funding Harakat Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen (HSM), which is in control of most of central and southern Somalia for the past few years.

Whilst there is no affirmative evidence as yet to confirm such suspicions, the chairman of the committee went to say “we can’t be passive”.

To know such ideas are even being entertained is certainly worrying, knowing that the Pirates and Al-shabaab are two distinct groups, with the latter ideologically is opposed to such activities.

It was 2 days ago when Harakat Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen carried a death by stoning sentence on 18 year old Sharma’arke Abdullahi Mohamoud, who was convicted of raping 13 year old girl named Deqa Abdulle Nur in Mahas district located in the central province of Hiiraan.

It was Harakat al-shabaab al-mujahideen back in 2006-2007 then working within the Islamic court Union movement, that managed to stamp out piracy altogether from southern coastal areas of Somalia.

For those who would like to be reminded of that period, below is a the “Unreported world” programme  called “hearts,minds and holy war” recorded for the UK TV station Channel 4.

Observe carefully starting from 03:25 to 05:30 where Shaykh Mukhtaar Rooboow Abu mansuur Former chief spokesman of the Shabaab is seen along with fighters of the group who captured a pirate gang, also in the footage is  former head if the ICU, currently the president of TFG Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

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