Al-shabaab: “we welcome (the appointment of) Shaykh Ayman Al-zawahiri

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Al-shabaab radio station called Al-Andalus based in Mogadishu held an interview this morning,with the groups Chief spokesman Shaykh ‘Ali dheere. In the interview responding to a question about the recent appointment of Shaykh Ayman Al-zawaahiri as the new Amir of Al-qa’eda, he replied ” We we welcome (the appointment of)  Shaykh Ayman Al-dhawahiri, and we will co-operate with him as we previously used to do  with our brother Shaykh Usama Bin Laden, whilst at the same time reaffirming our allegiance (to the organization) – of which he is part of.

Source: Hiiraan Online (HOL)

Al-andalus radio first established in Al-shabaab port strong hold Kismayo located in the Lower Jubba province, and now operates in other shabaab held provinces, has now established a new station in Mogadishu in banadir province. the station named after once Muslim ruled Iberian peninsula.

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