Pictures:Somalia: AMISOM lose Bulldozer and tank amid stiff resistance in east Mogadishu

UPDATE: 06.06.2011 – Uganda admits to losing the highest ranking officer yet in Somalia. The Lt.Colonel whose name hasn’t been released yet was kill with five other soldiers in intense battles 2 days ago for control over bondhere district,and the question that comes to mind is, at what cost will it be if AMISOM is take over Mogadishu alone?

Update: harakat Al-shabaab almujahideens media wing releases a video of yesterdays fierce battles over the control of bondhere district. the 5 minute video laced with jihadi nasheed (islamic poetry), displays shabaab fighters targeting an armoured  bulldozer and a tank, after which we see bulldozer (used sometimes to bulldoze homes)burning and the tank in a massive hole dug out by shabaab as a tactic to disable and later to be attacked. Also in the video appears shaykh abdul-‘azeez abu mus’ab  spokesman for al-shabaab military wing, calling on the youth wherever in europe ,america and africa to join the jihad in somalia.

It seems al-shabaabs losing streak came to a halt yesterday,as they put a up a stiff resistance in fierce fighting in the central eastern Mogadishu district of Bondhere. Emboldened by their latest operations bringing virtually all shabaab territory in the west of the capital, AMISOM assaulted the eastern front,where al-shabaab dug in and are continually lobbing mortars into the presidential palace area.

Although AMISOM claimed to have taken bondhere district, by the end of day, It seems HSM staved off  AMISOM assault to the east generally speaking, and as pictures emerged yesterday of a destroyed tank and armoured bulldozer on somali islamist sites with reports of scores of AMISOM and TFG casualties seem to be more credible than the Official AMISOM line.

These pictures were release on somalimemo a website with close links to HSM , are some of the losses  Prosper Hakizimana, deputy spokesman for AMISOMs failed to comment on in the press release.




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3 thoughts on “Pictures:Somalia: AMISOM lose Bulldozer and tank amid stiff resistance in east Mogadishu

  1. al shabaab can not put up a spirited fight against the much feared and fearsome fighters of the mighty UPDF and Burundi armed forces. al shabaab is a combination of misled Islamic youth how have been brain washed by cowardly old hippocrites who can not stand up to the challenges of modern society the ilks of shriek osama bin lard. those who engage in acts of committing suicide by blowing up themselves to pieces because they are deranged have NO place in the world. The righteous shall overcome MASHALLAH

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  3. May Allah help Al-Shabaab in their mission and Inshaallah bi idhnillah they will win Inshaallah … Allahumma nsur ikwaanana mutadha’fina fii diinihim fii kulli makaan wa fii Somalia an a’adaaihim … Amiin.

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