Al-shabaab al-mujahideen Mogadishu radio station IQK release an interview with Somali/American.

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Yesterday al-shabaab al-mujahideen Mogadishu based radio station “idacadda Quranka Kariimka” (IQK) AKA Holy Quran revealed on their Somali language website that one of the bombers in 31st of may attack on AMISOM base on makka al-mukarrama, is a Somali-american from the state of Minnesota (possibly Minneapolis/St.Paul) . Later in a recorded interview uploaded on the website, when the Minnesotan was asked about the length of his involvement in Jihad, he replied 2 years.  Listening to the recording, the  25 year old Minnesotan who identified himself simply as Ahmed, didn’t sound articulate/confident replying in the Somali language, in comparison to when he appealed in English to Muslim youth living in the west to join the jihad, this possibly a hint that he spent a long time in the US.

In his english message to the Muslim youth residing in the west Ahmed said;

“In the name of Allah, i would like to talk to my brothers and sisters out there in the west., and wherever you are. Bothers come…come to jihad, we are welcoming you and calling you to jihad, you know Allah (be exalted) has made this a wajib (an obligation) on us its fardu ‘ayn (incumbent obligation ), so brothers don’t lag behind, don’t be of those that are left behind, what’s there? Why..why you staying behind brothers, theres nothing. You know in this world everybody is going to die one day, some people die in car accidents, some people die in their beds. Brothers die like the Sahaba (companions of the prophet) here, you know, die like lions, die for your deen (religion), every body is going to die (someday) , (Quranic verse) “Every soul shall taste death” .”

Although the website first released the name as “asadullahi Ahmed Al-amriki”, listening to the audio message, it seems that “Asadullahi” Meaning the Lion of Allah is a name of praise rather than an actual name, and an example with Islamic context would b the uncle of the prophet Mohammed (pbuh) Asadullah  Hamzah bin abdul-mutalib, with “Al-amriki” (the American) denoting his original country of residence.

Minnesota is a city where many mainly Somali youth left for the battle fields of Somalia, at the beginning against the Ethiopian invasion under the then president abdullahi yusuf, and now sharif sheikh ahmed. Trawling through internet, i couldn’t find  an individual by the name of Ahmed missing from Minnesota or a picture for that matter, but maybe in the coming days his family in the US  will probably after confirmation provide the local media with more details.

The shabaab operation that Ahmed died in, resulted  in the death of according to AMISOM two of their soldiers injuring one and as well as  death of one “Ahlusunnah”  group fighters.

I will try to translate the full audio, for those who want to listen follow this link

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