Pictures: TFG of Somalia soldiers defect to Al-shabaab in Jubba provinces

Pictures emerged yesterday of battle wagon, handed over  by 3 members of TFG of somalia forces who defected to Al-shabaab movement in the jubba provinces. The battle wagon contained communication equipment,RPG,ammunition, mortar and bayonets. below i have a added a picture of very similar wagon used by the TFG forces,  Am sure those defectors will not go back to the TFG side back in hurry, as mere selling of ammunition (which occurs frequently) carries the death penalty.



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2 thoughts on “Pictures: TFG of Somalia soldiers defect to Al-shabaab in Jubba provinces

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  2. May Allah increase Istiqamat(strong faith that when you’re tortured in the cause of Allah,and you stand firm by the Quran & Hadiths), for our dear brothers that Nigeria Govt called Boko Haram,Allah should forgive them their known & unknown mistakes.Insha Allah we shall conquer this Kufr system of Nigeria and place our Allah’s command even though the Kuffars reject it,who are they,1,All the Democrat,Security Personnels and Xtians.Boko haram,Adam always put you in prayers that Allah protect you anytime,anyplace.Ameeen!!

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