Forces loyal Shaykh Atam/Atom take over more settlements.

According to Somali public Radio (spr), Forces loyal to Shaykh Mohammed took settlements of Maraje, Afurur and humur that come under the administrative district of Galgal after Puntland forces pulled out from the mentioned settlements. Upon taking over the settlements, Shaykh atom held talks with tribal chiefs.

According to a local resident and elder who fled after fighting took place, by the name of Mohammed Osman Ali, according to him residents of the settlements are fearful (of heavy battles to come) and have began to flee with many not having the means to leave.

A lot of the resident are crossing into the border town of Dahar in the unrecognized republic of Somaliland, where tribal affiliation is shared between both communities. Interestingly, Puntland ordered telecommunication companies such as Telesom and Golis to disable all mobile phone connections in the town of Dahar currently under the control of Somaliland.

More interestingly according some some somali-language news site are quoting senior puntland officials who hid their names stated  the government of president Farole trying to negotiate a peace agreement with shaykh Atam via tribal chiefs.

Shaykh atam in a recent interview with Somali Public Radio SPR, was asked about his goals and his connection islamist insurgency lead by Al-shabaab, he replied ,saying that his goal is to stop puntland from robbing the mineral wealth of the mountains and that he is not instigate this war but only fought back after they were attacked by puntland, adding that theres no link between him and al-shabaab. Having said that Back in to 2010 Shaykh Atam used state Sharee’ah as one of the main reason puntland started this war.

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One thought on “Forces loyal Shaykh Atam/Atom take over more settlements.

  1. I see today that Sh. Atom is officially distancing himself from Shabaab and the current assassinations in Bossaso. Always difficult to tell in the propaganda campaigns that swirl around. I also heard that the IED attack in Bossaso recently actually hit a vehicle being used by Africa Oil. It is being treated as a “wrong place wrong time” incident – which it may well have been. Regardless, the convergence of oil reserves and countries being destabilised either purposefully or just as a by product of the resource needs no mentioning.

    BTW great to see alternatives to the mainstream reporting from Somalia.

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