Al-shabaab displays Amisom soldier body along with IDs, after heavy battles this morning in mogadishu.

Well as Al-shabaab usually promise and they seem to have delivered.

Since early this morning,  heavy battles took place in wardhigley, hodan, howlwadag disticts in Mogadishu, apparently according to al-shabaab, AMISOM attacked their positions on Dabka road, which leads to Al-shabaab strong hold of Mogadishu’s (if not somalia’s) biggest market.

i personally don’t think the the government spring offensive in Mogadishu progressed at all, becuase Dabka road which leads to the bakara market wafor a long time al-shabaabs border with the TFG/AMISOM, in fact towards the end of last month that very road (dabka) was re-opened from the TFG forces side after pressure from Mogadishu business leaders.

over to the central area of the country al-shabaab  source says, they have taken control of a  village called shagahyale 40 KM to “Ahlu-sunnah” strong hold of guri’eel in galgaduud province, this seems very likely as al-shabaab recently in a bold operation over ran the provisional capital of galgadud (mostly held by shabaab) Dhusamareeb , taking possession of a lot of arms and munitions left behind in “Ahlu-sunnah”s retreat donated to them by ethiopia, its worth noting “ahlu-sunnah” are weak as a fighting force due to the deep divisions amongst them, in fact ethiopia is so concerned they invited all “Ahlu-sunnah” leader for reconciliation in Addis Ababa.

From both maps below,it can be worked out that the government/AMISOM offensive today morning was to break into Shabaab territory.

Approximate Al-shabaab, Transitional federal government control in the capital

Illustration where fighting took place (approximately) the bakaara market in pink

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