Al-shabaab spokesman vows revenge for Usama Bin Laden, and says his Martyrdom will not affect Jihad

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Al-shabaab almujahideen are promising to hit back today, after Al-Qaida yesterday, acknowledged the death of  Osama bin laden in the American raid against his compound in Abbottabad,pakistan. against whom exactly is the retaliation you ask? well, as in the translated pieces below Sheikh Ali dheere pointed out, not only in Somalia but outside  the country also.

Source: Translated from : radio al-furqan news agency

Harakat Al-shabaab Al-mujaahideen (HSM) says that, the killing of Shaykh Usama will not have any effect upon Jihad

04,Jam/Thani 1432, 07,May,2011.

Harakat Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen (HSM) have officially for the first time, talked about the killing of Shaykh Usama Bin Laden, the leader of the Mujahideen of Alqaida.

In a press conference called today by the spokesman Of Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen Shaykh Ali Mohamood  Rage (aka) Shaykh Ali Dheere, he stated that the, killing of the head of Al-Qaida, will not hinder the jihad taking place in many place around the world.

Similarly Sheikh Ali dheere promised that Harakat Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen (HSM) will take revenge for Usama Bin Laden, whilst on the other hand addressing the battles taking place in various wilaaya’s (Islamic provinces) in Somalia.

Harakat Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen (HSM), has become the first of jihadist movements that commented on the martyrdom of Al-Qaida’s Leader Shaykh Osama Bin Laden.

Source: Translated from : Somali daily news website

The spokesman for Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen shaykh Ali dheere, has moments ago in a press conference called by him in Mogadishu, stated that the death of the Islamic leader, shall not have any effect nor set back the jihad of Al-shabaab Al-mujahideens Movement in and outside Somalia.

Shaykh Ali dheere promised to take revenge for the martyr Osama Bin Laden killed at the hands of the Christian Americans, no matter how long it takes.

(shaykh ali) “ The jihad shall carry on around the world, and the death of the Amir (commander) of Islam Sh. Usama Bin Laden shall not cause us to sit, Our mujahideen shall avenge for Shaykh Usama may Allah have mercy on him” said the head spokesman for Al-shabaab Movement, in a press conference markedly different from his usual (press conferences), due to him beginning his statements with verses of the holy Quran relating to Jihad.

Continuing on (with his statement) the shabaab’s spokesman, in a similar fashion talked about how some Transitional Federal Government officials welcomed the killing of Shaykh Osama, remarking that al-shabaab movement will retaliate for shaykh Usama, pointing (specifically) out that the target of this retaliation will be foreign force in stationed Mogadishu, and the TFG who welcomed the killing of Shaykh Usama

On the other hand Shaykh Ali dheere in his press conference talked about the invasion against the Islamic wilaaya’s (provinces) in Somalia, especially the wilaaya of Gedo in which battles are taking place currently, reporting the mujahideen brought about tangible victories from those battles, reiterating on the other hand that mujahideen are determined to regain areas occupied by the enemy.

Source: Translated from : Somalimemo news website

Shaykh Ali dheere: may Allah accept (his jihad) from our (spiritual) Amir Shaykh Osama Bin Laden, Insha’Allah (Allah willing) we shall too keep standing on that (very) road.
The leadership of Somalia’s Mujahideen, spoke for the first time, about the killing of Shaykh Osama Bin laden The Leader Al-Qaida and the world wide Jihad by the American (forces).

The spokesman of Harakat Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen (HSM) Shaykh Ali Dheere speaking to Al-andalus Islamic radio congratulated (the people) on the martyrdom of the Shaykh, declaring the jihad in Somalia shall not stop at any point due to death of (any) leader of the (Muslim) nation.

Shaykh Ali dheere said the Bin Laden was a man of the (Islamic) nation, and a (spiritual) Amir of Al-shabaab Al-mujaahideen, and that they (al-shabaab) shall hold on tightly upon the way that Shaykh Osama Bin Laden died upon.


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