Sh. Fu’ad Mohammed khalaf “i am not dead yet, I am alive, I shall die, at the time Allah decides.”

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Source: Translated from : radio al-furqan news agency

Somali version with extra pictures :

30,Jam/Awal,1432, 04,May,2011.

Shaykh Fu’ad Mohammed Khalaf who’s one of the (senior) leaders of Harakat Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen (HSM), has held today a press conference in Mogadishu, at time when reports of his death in battles in Gedo province were (being) circulated.

Whilst speaking to the media inside Mogadishu, shaykh fu’ad Mohammed remarked “praise be to Allah, I am not dead yet, I am alive, I shall die, at the time Allah decides.

Similarly, Shaykh Fu’ad Mohammed addressed the Somali Muslim nation, giving them the glad tidings  that he is (still) alive, and that he shall continue fighting jihad.

Finally, Shaykh fu’ad Mohammed Khalaf, called upon the Muslim Nation all over the world to, redouble the struggle against invading forces, reiterating the victory (of Muslims) against those who attacking the (Islamic) sharee’ah.

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