Hassan Qoryoley chief of ASWJ in Gedo province dead

Hassan Qoryoley the chief of ahlu-sunah wal jama’ah sufi group in Gedo province was killed in the latest battles to control gedo province between Harakat Al-shabaab Almujahideen on one side an Transitional federal government and ahlusunah sufi group on the other. Shiekh Hassan qoryoley who was fatally wounded after Al-shabaab ambush was rushed to a helicopter whilst injured and ferried across to neighbouring  Kenya for treatment, he later died as a result of his injuries.

Shiekh abu Mus’ab declared that, they have killed the head of ASWJ in Gedo province,and promises to ” forcibly remove the invasion in that (Islamic) province (of Gedo)”

The death of ASWJ chief in south Somalia a respected and unifying leader within the movement is certainly a serious blow to the group.

Col.Barre hirale a Somali war lord later turned defence minister ,and leader of shabelle valley alliance has been jailed by his Ethiopian allies in the border village of dolow  (click here).

confusingly, Possibly to buy sometime before media picked up news of the death of Hassan Abdirahman Qoryoley, the TFG appointed governor of Gedo Mr. Mohammed abdi kalil,  said Shaykh fu’ad Mohammed AKA Shaykh fu’ad shangole (top shabaab commander) is dead.

against this background, HSM remain a potent fighting force.

Source: Translated from : radio al-furqan A news Radio and website sympathetic to (HSM)

Shiekh abu Mus’ab (HSM military spokesman) declares that, they have killed the head of “Ahlusunnah” in Gedo province,and promises to forcibly remove the invasion in that (Islamic) province (of Gedo).

02,Jam/Thani 1432, 05,May,2011.

Shaykh Abdulaziz Abu mus’ab, spokesman for Al-shabaab al-mujahideen forces, speaking today to some of Mogadishu’s press, confirmed the death of Hassan Qoryoley one of “ahlusunah” group (top) officials for Gedo Province, in recent battles around Garbaharey town.

Shaykh Abdulaziz Abu mus’ab said that, after receiving grave injury in battles around garbaharey town, he was evacuated to Nairobi city in Kenya, he later died as a result of his injuries.

The Shaykh continuing, acknowledged that coalition who openly attacked the province of Gedo, have been crippled after they were met with continuous onslaught by Al-Shabaab Al-mujahideen.

The spokesman for Al-shabaab al-mujahideen, reiterated that Al-shabaab is (always) ready to defend the religion of Islam, whilst at the same time persisting on with fighting Jihad against forces who invaded parts of Gedo..

They shall meet by continuous attacks, and on every road (be ambushed) have heavy losses everywhere they are based in the province, they shall flee completely the province humiliated


In this News report by Kenyan TV, he is seen in military uniform with a AK47 .

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