Pro and anti Islamist news sources confirm Ethiopian troops are in Gedo, Somalia

checking around on various Somali news websites, both confirm reports of Ethiopian troops are well inside somalian territory, specifically in Garbahrey town the capital of Gedo province. Garbaharey fell to Government allied forces recently ,after Al-shabaab forces emptied the town as a military tactic. a few days later Al-shabaab recaptured the town of beled hawo (beled xaawo,buulo haawo) on the Somali-Ethiopian border and  and villages that lead to garbahrey town (in central gedo province) which came under the control government allied forces earlier this year. Al-shabaab have thus effectively surrounded the beleaguered government allied force. on the other hand al-shabaab reinforcements led purportedly by Shaykh Fu’ad khalaf (shangole) arrived near garbaharey. With this bitter battles ensued leading al-shabaab entering inside garbahrey proper before retreating, realizing  severity of the situation is seems the besieged government forces  sought the help of Ethiopia who initially sent a crack force to break the siege with some reinforcements arrive at sun rise this morning, Unconfirmed report state that, al-shabaab ambushed Ethiopian convoy carrying dead and wounded to just over the Somali-Kenyan border mandera (kenya) or perhaps Ethiopia proper.Somali language anti-islamists websites quote Mr Mohamed Abdi Kalil (government appointed-governor of Gedo province) as his troops killed Shaykh Fu’ad Mohammed khalaf in heavy battles for control of garbaharey, Somali government officials a known to routinely lie and and almost never produce promised evidence. This yet another clear case of Ethiopian and Kenyan led proxy war with Al-shabaab.

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