Al-shabaab regaining control over Gedo province

Harakat Al-shabaab al-mujaahideen  (HSM) take over balad haawo (balad xaawo) town in gedo province.

28,Jam/Awal,1432, 01,May,2011.

Latest reports reaching us tonight from balad haawo town, confirm al-shabaab al-mujahideen forces have taken control of  balad haawo located in Gedo province in totality.

Ethiopian forces along with Transitional federal government forces stationed there,are purported to have fled the town into kenya.

Prior to Al-Shabaab al-mujahideen (HSM) taking over the centre of town, a five minute skirmish occurred. Al-shabaab Al-mujahideen are now positioned in the town, particularly the police station and other important sites within the town.

Upto this moment there’s no official information from Al-shabaab,with regards to operations leading to taking control of balad hawo town.

on the other hand, reports coming from Garbaharey (provincial capital of Gedo) , state the government forces situated in garbaharey, have emptied the town to an unknown direction

Translated from : radio al-furqan news agency


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