Dhusa-mareeb the Sufi Government allied militia stronghold is over run by Al-Shabaab

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Translated from : somalimemo news agency (sympathetic to Al shabaab)  www.somalimemo.net

Following battles leading to the transfer of dhusamareeb town in galguduud state into al-shabaab al-mujahideens control, varied news reports are coming from the town regarding the latest situation of the polytheists (extreme Sufi militia)

News reaching us from Dhusa-mareeb , confirm that al-shabaabs forces tonight (just after sunset) , have been busy extracting all weapons caches stored in dhus-mareeb’s warehouses, which were donated by Ethiopia to the polytheist.

Residents of the town said that, mujahideen forces loaded all weapons and ammunitions unto heavy goods transportation, whilst others set up fortifications 20 km outside the town (to repel the enemy).

Further news state that, Al-shabaabs forces are carrying out patrols inside the town,whilst the security returned to normal after al-shabaabs forces brought back communications services.

A radio station in central dhusa-mareeb which the polytheists (extreme Sufi) previously confiscated from hornafrik, has been restored back to the airwaves releasing Islamic poetry and words of advice to the citizens, asking them to keep calm to not cause any disturbances.

It’s being reported escaping polytheist militias have reached the village of heraale, where they may regroup. The people of monotheism (tawheed) who live in the town, are to sleep tonight happy and content.



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