Al Shabaabs leader says, efforts to destroy the practice sharee’ah in Somalia fails

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Translated from : somalimemo news agency (sympathetic to Al shabaab)

The Amir of the mujahideen of Somalia , talked about the conclusion of  Christian crusade against the Islamic states of Somalia and on Mogadishu to the practice sharee’ah in Somalia.

In an audio message sent by Shaykh Mukhtar Abu Zubayr released on Noble Quran Radio (IQK) based in Mogadishu, the Shaykh said that a meticulous plan by the disbelieving alliance has failed.

Abu Zubayr congratulated the Muslim citizens who live in the Islamic staes of Gedo, Upper and Lower Jubba, Bay, Bakool, Hiiraan and Galgaduud , describing them as a strong defensive wall for the practice of Sharee’ah in Somalia.

Similarly, Shaykh Abu zubayr, thanked the Muslim citizen of Mogadishu, for the way they supported the mujahideen,adding that AMISOM will be defeated in Mogadishu.

May Allah keep Abu Zubyar,he said “ i am Sure Insha’allah (Allah willing), that the disbelievers of Africa will be defeated in Mogadishu, for in Mogadishu all enemies were defeated and you will be the last (of those enemies).”

Abu zubayr supporting his statement with Hadeeth and Quranic verses, gave glad tidings to Islamic Ummah (nation) of major victories to come, ending his speech with highly valuable poetry directed at Muslim nation and the enemies.

This message comes at a time when heavy fighting instigated by the Ethiopian and Kenyan enemies against Islamic states of Somalia ended with failure.


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