The rebuilding Liiq liiqato bridge in beledweyne

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Translated from : somalimemo website (website with close links to Al Shabaab)

The “islamic state of hiiraan” annouced that the first phase of rebuilding the liiq liiqato bridge came to an end, this bridge being one of the important bridges which connects the city of beledweyne.

a major evetn took place in the city of beledweyne,in which officials representing the “Islamic authority” of the city- took part of this occasion,where the structure of the bridge and maintenance operations were open to be examined by public and officials

the Islamic news agency somalimemo’s reporter in Hiiraan state, who also witnessed the event,stated that, major works and maintenance were carried out on the bridge,he also cited unconfirmed reports the next phase will begin in the next few days.

“liiq liiqato” bridge which connect different parts of the city,crumbled on the 22nd of may 2010, thereby badly affecting travel and transportation within the capital of the Islamic state of hiiraan,beledweyne.


The following are pictures of progress on the bridge

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