Puntland signs a maritime agreements with African mercenary company, reminds me of Halliburton and Cheney (former vice president of USA)

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in a recent press release puntland the autonomous region of somalia has announced signing an agreement with Saracen international private security company to train its forces click here for the full press release

saracen officials with minister of ports

Somalia is fast becoming the new private security company (PSC) place of choice after Afghanistan and iraq,its proving to be a money spinner,of course not forgetting somalia is the first on the list of corrupt states, not that Uganda’s ruling family is any less corrupt.

After few Google searches, here is what most Somalis weren’t aware of perhaps, the link between the private security company and yoweri Museveni. But what i further found out that privateering seem to run in the family along with other things.  Of course president farole of the puntland autonomous region forgot to tell us Saracen international’s scandalous history.

saracen international (uganda branch)

Saracen international – Saracen Uganda part owner (Salim Saleh)

South African-based Saracen International, with links in Angola, owns 75% shares in Saracen Uganda Ltd., while Special services in which Lieutenant General (Ret.) Salim Saleh is a shareholder owning 25% of the company.

I here you ask, Whos this Salim Saleh?

L. General (Ret.) Salim Saleh

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Salim Salehas his nom de guerre AKA Caleb Akandwanaho Brother of yoweri Museveni yes you gussed it! (president of Uganda!) was born on January 14, 1960 he is an adviser to the President Uganda on military matters.

Involvement in Congo (DRC)

Gen.Saleh has featured in controversies regarding corruption, including being implicated by the United Nations Security Council for allegedly plundering natural resources in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Saleh was specifically implicated in a UN Security Council report for being involved in the illegal exploitation of natural resources from DR. Congo during the second Congo war.

The government of Uganda dismissed the report, and no punitive actions were taken against those involved. A commission of inquiry set up by the Uganda government and chaired by Justice Porter exonerated him of any wrong doing.

Global Witness, which investigates the role of natural resources in funding conflict and corruption worldwide, accused the President of using his relatives and the military to control oil and gas sectors in the country.

“In June 2010, it was announced that Uganda’s Presidential Guard Brigade will be integrated in the army’s Special Forces unit to increase security
around the country’s strategic assets, including its oil fields.

Lieutenant Colonel Muhoozi (center)

The Special Forces unit is led by Lieutenant Colonel Muhoozi Keinerugaba, the President’s son.

The Saracen Security Company is contracted to provide security inside some of the drilling sites Museveni’s brother, Major General Salim Saleh, is named in a UN report as the major shareholder in the Ugandan branch of the company.

From a governance perspective, the military control of the oil exploration areas by two of Museveni’s close relations is evidence of the increasing ‘personalisation of control’ by Museveni of the oil and gas sectors. Such deviation from democratic principles at this stage is highly undesirable.”

Heres the bonus!

Askar security services Ltd logo

Askar security services Ltd – Owner (Kellen Kayonga sister in law of Gen.Salim Saleh)

“Askar security services Ltd is a private security services licensed and contracted by the Ugandan government to provide services to Ugandan migrant workers of different professions abroad.

Kellen Kayonga:

Kellen Kayonga sister in law of salim saleh

The Director Askar Security Services Ms Kellen Kayonga speaks to mercenaries in Iraq

She is the younger sister to Jovia Saleh and therefore a sister-in-law to Gen. Salim Saleh. She is an accomplished business lady; she recently won the lucrative deal of exporting security guards to the troubled Iraq through a security company, Askar. There has been a lot of criticism about her deal by many of her employees claiming that her company is creaming off the larger chunk of their earnings leaving them with piecemeal payments at every end of month.

According to Askar security website there are It has over 4500 officers and men in Iraq.

it seems the moral of this story revolves around the issue of self interest ; by sending troops to Somalia ,one shall be rewarded handsomely,the next time you here African state expressing their will to send African “peace” keeping forces,let us remember what’s at stake.


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  6. It’s difficult to find educated people about this subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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